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14 Hands

About 14 Hands

Established in the heart of Washington State's wine country, 14 Hands winery is renowned for crafting a diverse line of distinguished, award-winning wines. Raised with a mission to embody the spirit and authenticity of its namesake, the winery pays homage to the 14-hand tall wild horses that once roamed the Columbia River Valley.

Encapsulating the bold, untamed essence of these majestic creatures, 14 Hands' winemaking philosophy is defined by creativity, an innovative approach, and an unwavering attention to detail, handcrafting varietals bursting with distinctive character. This commitment to quality is evident in every bottle, from its intense, full-bodied reds to its delicate, aromatic whites.

The winery, situated amidst the rolling hills and fertile vineyards of the Columbia Valley, holds a spirit of celebration at its core. This is clearly reflected in its vibrant atmosphere, where visitors are encouraged to explore and appreciate the expansive flavours and subtle nuances of each tasting note. 14 Hands is far more than just a winery; it's a destination that offers a truly immersive experience in the art of viticulture.

The talented winemakers at 14 Hands are dedicated to maintaining the dignity and integrity of the Washington wine-making tradition. Every drop that fills your glass tell's a story; a tale of an extraordinary journey from vine to bottle, across the stretches of an unyielding landscape, shaped by the unique textures and conditions of the terroir.

From the longstanding Horse Heaven Hills vineyard, the birthplace of many of its celebrated labels to the wild yet refined flavours that excite the palate; 14 Hands winery beautifully captures the essence of a rich, diverse land and its enduring legacy. This gem of American viticulture truly serves as a testament to the powerful harmony of man, horse, and nature in the Columbia River Valley.

In short, 14 Hands winery is a destination where fine wine, authentic history, and lush scenery intersect, offering a captivating experience worthy of every wine aficionado's bucket list.

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