Bodega Maetierra Dominum

Bodega Maetierra Dominum

About Bodega Maetierra Dominum

Nestled in the heart of La Rioja, Spain, Bodega Maetierra Dominum winery has carved a space of true distinction in the wine-making landscape. With a wine portfolio that epitomises excellence and an unrivalled commitment to sustainable viticulture, this winery is truly one of a kind.

Bodega Maetierra Dominum takes immense pride in upholding traditional wine-making techniques, while skillfully combining them with modern amenities and technology. This harmonious blend of the old with the new allows for the creation of characterful wines, both rich in heritage and innovative in approach.

The winery's vineyards are spread across Valle de Sadacia and Pago Aylés. These wine-growing regions are known to yield high-quality grape varieties, such as Garnacha, Tempranillo, and Viura. Here, Bodega Maetierra Dominum ensures each vine is hand-pruned and carefully nurtured to encourage the growth of hearty, flavourful fruits.

The wines crafted at Bodega Maetierra Dominum are renowned for their depth, complexity, and elegance. Among their most loved labels are the Que Volá Grenache and the Libranza; classic staples for any wine connoisseur's collection. In particular, the winery's dedication to producing top-tier organic and biodynamic wines sets it apart from the competition.

Operating with the principle of utmost respect for the environment, Bodega Maetierra Dominum is a pioneer in sustainable viticulture. They practise green farming methods to maintain the natural rhythm of the vineyards, limiting the use of chemicals, to produce better quality grape clusters for their vintage wines.

Bodega Maetierra Dominum is not just a winery, it's a testament to the sublime beauty of Spanish viticulture. With every sip of their wine, one is transported to sun-soaked vineyards, experiencing a delectable symphony of the unique terroir and nuanced flavours. It's a pleasure as great as savouring the wine itself; an experience that's savoured by discerning wine enthusiasts everywhere.

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