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Chateau Capbern

About Chateau Capbern

In the esteemed Saint-Estèphe appellation of Bordeaux, France, one finds an iconic vineyard: the Chateau Capbern winery. Renowned for producing full-bodied and exquisitely balanced wines, it bears testament to the region’s unparalleled reputation in wine-making.

The vineyard spans an impressive 38 hectares, delicately nestled in the rolling hills of Bordeaux. Composed of a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot vines around 30 years old; It is considered the epitome of ideal conditions for the cultivation of these grape varieties, boasting gravel-rich soils and an optimal microclimate.

Since its establishment in the 19th century, the Chateau Capbern winery has dedicated itself to achieving excellence in winemaking. Utilising both time-honoured traditions and the latest oenological innovations, the vineyard aims at creating wines that express depth, complexity and authenticity. Each bottle is an embodiment of the rich terroir and the meticulous endeavour invested in the vineyard.

Perhaps it’s most recognised wine is the eponymous Château Capbern, a deep ruby-red blend that boasts a harmonious fusion of dark fruits, earthy undertones and nuanced hints of spice. This wine captures the quintessence of Saint-Estèphe in every bottle, making a tasting experience at the Chateau Capbern a must for enthusiasts and novice wine lovers alike.

Experiencing Chateau Capbern brings more than just wine. Visitors are welcomed with exceptional warmth and hospitality. A romantic château overlooks acres of verdant vineyard and the guided tours demonstrate the process of crafting their lauded wines whilst the picturesque surroundings serve as a stunning backdrop. Thereafter, wine tastings provide a fascinating insight into the subtleties of the estate's renowned wines.

A visit to Chateau Capbern provides not just an exploration into the world of impeccable wines, but also an immersion into the cultural richness that is inherent of the French Bordeaux wine-making landscape. It should be noted though, despite their commitment to offering an unparalleled experience for every visitor, reservations are essential to ensure availability.

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