Domaine Jean Foillard

Domaine Jean Foillard

About Domaine Jean Foillard

Set amid the rolling vineyards of Beaujolais, France, Domaine Jean Foillard is a winery revered for its exceptional natural wines. Established by the eponymous Jean Foillard, the winery is best known for its Morgon wines produced using traditional techniques and considerable passion for the craft.

This esteemed French vineyard spans over nearly 14 hectares of land, graced with the altitude of about 250 - 430 meters. These wines are nurtured in the microclimate and rich schistous soil of the Côte du Py, offering the ideal conditions to produce wines of exceptional quality.

Mr. Foillard's approach to winemaking is uncompromisingly traditional. There is a complete disregard for synthetic fertilisers or pesticides with a rigorous adherence to organic methods of viticulture. The winery utilises these techniques for the creation of Gamay grape vintages that are bottled without filtration.

The winery's crown jewel is undoubtedly the Morgon Côte du Py. This vintages wine best represents the Foillard philosophy; a perfect marriage of audacious flavours and delicate balance that hails from the expressive Gamay fruit. The result of this craftsmanship is a wine that stands untouched by the passage of time; an enduring testament to the Foillard's prestigious lineage.

Across the years Domaine Jean Foillard has garnered a reputation for consistently creating wines that are elegant, complex and deeply satisfying. Their wine possesses nuanced aromas of red fruit and earth; on the palate, it unrolls smoothly, revealing layers of flavours with a velvety finish that leaves one yearning for more.

Their impeccable standards have earned the winery accolades and the well-deserved recognition among oenophiles and wine connoisseurs worldwide. Jean's commitment to quality and tradition continue to shape the winery's narrative, positioning Domaine Jean Foillard as a beacon of excellence holding high the banner of sublime French wines, there oasis in the ever-evolving world of viticulture is a testament to their mastery and foresight.

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