Familia Zuccardi

Starting when the first vineyard was planted in 1963 in Maipu, by Alberto 'Tito' Zuccardi, this producer has laid a foundation for Chile and Argentina with their irrigation practices, allowing vines to grow with more ease. Three Generations later, Sebastian Zuccardi and his father Jose Alberto Zuccardi are at the helm, running the operation in Argentina. Focusing on the Terroir of the Uco Valley, Sebastian's aims are to create a wine of pure expression and declaration.

The Uco Valley runs on the western edge of Mendoza, spanning 70 KM, with areas 40 KM wide, at 900M above sea level - All these vineyards have multiple unique terroirs, with an incredible diversity. This creates a huge 'Canvas' for Sebastian to work with, allowing him to take a Burgundian approach to his wine.

The 'Los Olivos' range are fantastic quality and a wonderful introduction to Zuccardi, with the 'Q' range stepping it up in terms of complexity, elegance, and balance. We had the opportunity to taste the 'Infinite stones' Finca Piedra Infinita recently, and it quickly became an office favorite. We never knew Malbec could be this good!

We feel these wines are a fantastic expression of Argentina, with accessible bottlings for new and experienced drinkers.