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Just in Cases Rating

When shopping for wine, it is nice to know you are getting quality whilst also paying a good price. But which review to follow, do you enjoy the Block-Busting reds of Robert Parker or the more diverse and often open approach of Jancis Robinson. Or do you follow the collective reviews of the tasting panel at Decanter or the IWC. Or, simply do you wish to know that the wine you are choosing has been rated highly amongst others of that type? We have made a rating system that we feel can quickly incorporates all of the above, the JIC rating takes the professionals critic score for each wine, the reviews of the consumer (please do add your reviews to a wine to take part!) and the price point for each category. 

Therefore this breaks down each category into quality and class, for example a champagne with pro ratings of 90-92 points and a price point of £25 will score a 4.5 stars. A wine with the same scores but at £38 will score 3.5 stars.