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La Chablisienne

About La Chablisienne

From the heart of Burgundy, France, lies the renowned La Chablisienne winery. Formed in 1923 from a resilient collective of winegrowers, this winery has since made its mark in the world of vineyards, producing impeccable Chablis wines that are celebrated worldwide.

La Chablisienne operates on an impressive landscape of over 300 hectares, extending between Petit Chablis and the vaunted Chablis Grand Cru. The winery's grounds cross through a remarkable diversity of terroirs, gifting a richness and distinct character to the wine it meticulously creates. Each bottle encapsulates the true essence of Chablis, characterised by its exceptional purity and minerality.

Encompassing more than 300 winegrowers, the winery prides itself on the collective heritage and the combined expertise that stretches back through many generations. Every member brings a unique, personal touch to the wines, producing vintages that brim with individual charm and character.

The charm does not end with the wines. The winery’s cellars, nestled in the town of Chablis, are a spectacle in themselves. Dating back to the 19th century. With their grandeur and rustic appeal, they captivate all who visit, offering a tangible link to the historical roots of La Chablisienne.

Not to be left behind in the face of modernity, La Chablisienne has embraced state-of-the-art winemaking techniques to ensure the enduring quality of their wines. It precisely balances tradition and innovation, producing an experience that faithfully honours the reputation of Chablis wines.

La Chablisienne continues to remain an iconic symbol of French viticulture expertly embracing the delicate paradox of time-honoured tradition and contemporary excellence. Here, every sip brings an unforgettable taste of Burgundy, a region renowened for its centuries-old love and passion for wine.

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