Martha Stoumen Wines

Martha Stoumen Wines

About Martha Stoumen Wines

Martha Stoumen Wines is an exquisite winery, situated in the picturesque surroundings of Northern California. This boutique winery embodies the mindful philosophy of its owner, Martha Stoumen, who holds a deep-seated respect for nature and a passion for sustainable winemaking.

Martha Stoumen Wines prides itself on crafting artisanal wines that reflect the terroir and exude authenticity. It adheres to an authentic and sustainable approach to winemaking. Martha herself is a dedicated viticulturist, having spent years learning her craft in Italy, France and Germany. She subscribes to old-world practices whilst integrating holistic farming practices to maintain soil health, promote biodiversity, and honour natural wine-growing processes.

In the winery, grapes are handpicked and fermented using native yeasts. The wines are then aged in neutral vessels, allowing the true character of the grape and the unique expression of the land to shine through. The result is small-batch, organic wines that boast an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.

The winery offers a range of expressive wines, from vivacious whites and rosés to full-bodied reds, each conveying an eloquence and grace that are a testament to Martha’s hands-on skill and devotion.

A highlight in the portfolio is the 'Post Flirtation Red Blend,' a delightful mix of varietals that lend it a vibrant personality. Its enticing notes of fresh berries and invigorating acidity make it an absolute joy to sip.

Taking wine lovers on an immersive journey, Martha Stoumen Wines seamlessly combines age-old practices with innovative techniques to produce wines that are layered, balanced and deeply characterful. The winery is open for tastings by appointment, offering not just engaging flavours but also a captivating narrative that makes each visit truly memorable. Martha Stoumen Wines, however offers far more than beautifully crafted wines; it's a devotion, a passion, and a dedication to nature's gifts, encapsulated in every bottle.

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