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R. Pouillon & Fils

About R. Pouillon & Fils

Located in the prestigious region of Champagne, France, R. Pouillon & Fils is a family-run winery renowned for its venerable history and quality craftsmanship. Built over multiple generations, the winery has established itself as a stalwart of exquisite French viticulture.

The Pouillon family tradition of winemaking dates back to 1947, when Roger Pouillon founded the vineyard after the turbulence of the Second World War, It was his vision to create and share the quintessential taste of champagne, a vision that was soon shared by his son, James, who joined the family business. Under their combined leadership, the vineyard flourished and earnt a reputation for creating some of the finest Champagnes in France.

Presently, the winery is in the capable hands of Fabrice Pouillon, the third generation of this revered family, who continues the legacy of his grandfather and father. Under his leadership, R. Pouillon & Fils has not only maintained its traditional methods of production but also embraced modern techniques to enhance the wine's character.

Set amidst picturesque undulating landscapes, the winery boasts a heritage collection of vineyards spread across Valle de la Marne, Montagne de Reims, and Côte des Blancs, which contributes to the varied taste profile found in their wines. Each vineyard is tended with utmost care and respect for nature, resulting in a sustainable winemaking model, which is reflective of both a dedication to conservation and a desire to create remarkable Champagnes.

R. Pouillon & Fils wines are widely recognised for their robust flavour and elegance. By skilfully blending Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grape varieties, the winery crafts effervescent wines that are globally hailed. From subtle and delicate rosés to robust and complex vintages, each bottle offers a distinct and truly magical experience.

In essence, R. Pouillon & Fils encapsulates the charm of the Champagne region. With its enduring commitment to quality and tradition, and a nod to innovation, the winery continues to uphold a distinguished reputation in the world of fine wines.

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