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Simon Colin

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Nestled in the heart of France's exquisite wine region, Simon Colin Winery encapsulates the essence of refined viniculture and undeniable master craftsmanship. The winery has formed an integral part of France's viticultural landscape since its establishment in 1985. As one traverse the luscious vineyards sprawling across the estate, the intoxicating aroma of ripening grape varietals transports wine enthusiasts to a haven of taste, scent and pure delight.

The Simon Colin Winery has, over three decades, cultivated an unrivalled reputation for a consistent production of high-quality wines. Upholding time-honoured traditions, while simultaneously embracing modern techniques, is woven into the fabric of this estate's success. Hence, the result is wines infused with passion, skill and the indomitable spirit of its founder, Simon Colin.

Additionally, the winery’s commitment to sustainable cultivation is a commendable feat. Following an organic approach, the vineyard nurtures its grapevines without recourse to artificial pesticides or fertilisers. This not only sets a high environmental standard, but also reflects in the pure, unadulterated flavours of the wines produced here.

The Simon Colin Winery’s most celebrated offering is its wide selection of full-bodied red wines. These wines elegantly mirror the confluence of ideal grape-growing conditions, expert winemaking processes, and tireless striving for quality. It is this indelible blend that has firmly placed the winery on the world’s wine-loving radar.

Lastly the winery opens its welcoming doors to the public, inviting them to experiences such as tours of the vineyard, and wine tasting sessions, absolute must-do’s for any budding oenophile or seasoned wine connoisseur.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Simon Colin Winery is a testament to the art of fine winemaking, and it continues to be treasured world over for its exquisite offerings.

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