The Other Wine Co

This label is the brainchild of Shaw + Smith. Martin and Michael have pursued with Shaw + Smith a relentless focus on Chardonnay, Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, yet have been itching for a few years to work with other varieties. After much discussion they decided to use another label for these varieties, and with typical Aussie directness called it ‘The Other Wine Co’. In 2015, winemaker Adam Wadewitz, a highly impressive addition to the team at Balhannah, selected some Pinot Gris from the Adelaide Hills and Grenache from Blewitt Springs in McLaren Vale to make two wines for The Other Wine Co. The unoaked Pinot Gris is delicious: it has the tell-tale bread crust and ripe pear character of this variety at its best, and is dry and crisp on the palate. The Grenache, picked early to preserve its bright red fruit characters, is equally impressive.
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