Domaine Henry Pelle

Domaine Henry Pelle

About Domaine Henry Pelle

Nestled in the serene region of Menetou-Salon in France, Domaine Henry Pelle is a distinguished winery, heralded for its exceptional quality wines. With an illustrious history dating back to 1959, this family-run winery has been consistently lauded for its adherence to traditional winemaking methods and a persistence that enhances the natural attributes of its terroir.

Spread across a vast twenty hectares, Domaine Henry Pelle vineyards cultivate Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir grapes. The vineyard's rich calcareous soils lend a unique flavour profile to the wines, marked by a delightful balance between acidic zing and refreshing mineral overtones. Their commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in their mindful cultivation processes – using organic fertilisers, refraining from chemical-use, and hand-harvesting the grapes.

Among the array of wines they offer, a standout is the Menetou-Salon, an elegant Sauvignon Blanc that manifests the quintessential characteristics of Domaine Henry Pellé. This wine presents a bouquet of citric aromas, merging seamlessly with the mineral notes etched by the terroir. Following the initial burst of freshness, it mellows into a smooth finish that makes it a favourite among wine lovers. Another beloved variety, the Pinot Noir, showcases deep aromatic notes of red fruit, underpinned by a subtle earthiness.

The winery opens its doors to visitors inviting them on a captivating journey. Here, you can explore the sprawling vineyards, gaze over the meticulous winemaking process, and partake in guided tastings that unravel the sophistication and instructive personality of their wines. Additionally, the winery hosts various events throughout the year, including the anticipated Harvest Day, where wine enthusiasts can participate in grape-picking and winemaking.

Unquestionably, Domaine Henry Pelle holds a distinct place in the hearts of wine connoisseurs world over. Every bottle uncorks a piece of their terroir, their passion and their longstanding tradition in winemaking. With each sip as the wine unfolds in diverse palate notes, it's an experience that is both humbling and unforgettable to say the least.

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