Domaine Jean Chauvenet

Domaine Jean Chauvenet

About Domaine Jean Chauvenet

Nestled in the heart of Burgundy, in the famed village of Nuits-Saint-Georges, lies the prestigious wine estate of Domaine Jean Chauvenet. Spanning an impressive 9 hectares, the vineyard is famed for producing some of the most distinctive Burgundian wines and is recognised as a leading light in the area. Acclaimed for their meticulous approach to viticulture the family-owned winery, faithfully adhere to ancient Burgundian winemaking traditions.

The roots of Domaine Jean Chauvenet trace back to the 19th century, a legacy that reflects, in its charm, the tenacity of winemaking traditions. This storied history is carried forward by the Chauvenet family who are steadfast in their commitment to producing wines that truly express the character of their terroir. They venerate the land they cultivate, refusing to use synthetic treatments or chemical fertilisers. Instead, they rely on the soil's natural microbiological life which ensures a respect for nature's balance and subsequently yields high quality fruits.

Their wines, particularly their red, are applauded worldwide for their robustness, elegance and aromatic complexity. Ranging from robust Pinot Noir to delicate Chardonnay, the palate of Domaine Jean Chauvenet caters to a variety of tastes, Offering wines ranging from regional appellations to Premier Crus, and boasting an iconic yet approachable elegance that is truly Burgundian.

The winery also includes a tasting room, which allows wine lovers the opportunity to sample the exceptional vintages and learn more about their incredible craft. Visitors are not merely customers here, but fellow enthusiasts indulging in the art of oenology.

It is the amalgamation of tradition and innovation that has cemented Domaine Jean Chauvenet's standing on the global wine stage. Authentically Burgundy and incomparable in its passion, Domaine Jean Chauvenet is more than just a winery. With every sip, it's a taste of history, tradition, and exceptional craftsmanship!

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