Domaine Jean Defaix

Domaine Jean Defaix

About Domaine Jean Defaix

Nestled in the heart of France's prestigious Burgundy wine region, Domaine Jean Defaix is a gem among vineyards. Known for producing some of the finest Chablis in the region, its roots run deep in the undulating hills, nurtured by the rich limestone soil and mild climate that are a blessing to the viticulture of this area.

The Defaix family has been labouring in these vineyards for over four centuries. They have shaped the landscape and refined viticulture practices, maintaining a perfect balance with nature. This tireless dedication has culminated in an impressive legacy that is reflected in each distinctive bottle that carries the Domaine Jean Defaix label.

Today, their 28-hectare estate is dotted with vines of Chardonnay, the star grape of Chablis. Each vine is nurtured and harvested with an exacting care, ensuring that only the finest grapes find their way to the winepress. With every harvest domain's winegrowers demonstrate unparalleled skill and a keen knowledge of the land, which has remained unaltered through the centuries.

Key to Domaine Jean Defaix's success is their commitment to sustainable vineyard practices. As custodians of the land for generations, they firmly believe in preserving the biodiversity of the vineyard; and so incorporate organic vine-growing practices as much as possible.

The wines of Domaine Jean Defaix are characterised by their rich, mineral-laden palate and lively, citrus acidity. The ageing potential of these wines is remarkable, much like the family's unwavering dedication to their craft.

Redolent of the character of its birthplace, Domaine Jean Defaix's Chablis is more than a wine. Indeed, it's an authentic taste of a terroir shaped by centuries of tradition and love for the vine. Each sip delivers refinement, elegance and a captivating complexity borne in the heart of Burgundy.

In conclusion, Domaine Jean Defaix exemplifies the quintessence of Burgundy winemaking. Its representative Chablis, a testament to the perfection that can be achieved by harmonising human skill and nature's gifts with time.

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