Domaine Le Roc des Anges

Domaine Le Roc des Anges

About Domaine Le Roc des Anges

Nestled in the scenic landscape of Roussillon, France, Domaine Le Roc des Anges is nothing less than an embodiment of viticulture excellence. The name evokes an air of celestial charm that is duly justified by the breathtaking panorama it overlooks.

Founded relatively recently in 1997 by a young couple, Marjorie and Stéphane Gallet, the winery has carved out a discerning niche for itself. Marjorie's agricultural lineage coupled with Stephane's innate intuition produced a unique blend of passion and knowledge that powered the evolution of Domaine Le Roc des Anges.

Situated on a rare and impressive slab of schist earth stretching across 32 hectares, the winery has a strikingly diverse range of varietals. They have been ecologically cultivated, paying the utmost attention to minimising carbon imprint and preserving the purity of the land. A stunning testament to this is the biodynamic certification the winery received in 2011.

What makes Domaine Le Roc des Anges particularly stand out is its commitment to developing wines that resonate with the terroir's true character, allowing the classic typicity of Roussillon to take centre stage. Emphasising freshness and elegance, their wines enjoy remarkable structure whilst avoiding the heaviness often associated with other appellations in the region. It is this unwavering stance that lends their wines an inordinate degree of refinement and complexity.

Their wine range straddles a diverse array; from the elegant and multidimensional white, Segna de Cor, to their stunning reds like Côtes du Roussillon that reveal an enchanting, sensory journey layered with aromatic dark fruit notes, spicy earthiness and an emphatic finish.

Despite being a relatively young estate, Domaine Le Roc des Anges has delineated a sturdy reputation for itself, owing to its pursuit of traditional virtues like authenticity, respect for the land and innovative viticulture. Devoted to creating wines that truly express the landscape in which they, they offer a unique window into the sanctum of Roussillon winemaking. So why just take our word about their exemplary wine? Venture into the world of this intriguing French winery, and experience yourself the allure of Domaine Le Roc des Anges.

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