Dopff Au Moulin

Dopff Au Moulin

About Dopff Au Moulin

Dopff Au Moulin is a reputable winery nestled in the opulent vineyards of the breathtakingly beautiful region of Alsace, in the North-Eastern part of France. This historic family-run winery is a stellar contributor to the long-standing tradition of winemaking in the region.

Dating back to 1574, it has a rich and compelling history spanning over 12 generations that have consecutively been involved in the art of winemaking. Notably, Dopff Au Moulin is recognised for pioneering the vinification méthode or the technique known as "Crémant d'Alsace," which reflects their ceaseless commitment to crafting wines par excellence. This method is an epitome of the winery's innovative spirit, encompassing a blend of tradition and modernity.

To the wines lovers, this winery serves as a haven. The vineyard is endowed with a variety of grape types through which Dopff Au Moulin crafts the most refined wines. The winery specialises in crafting white wines particularly, offering a delightful variety, each exuding a unique flavour profile, from fruity to dry.

Bottle after bottle, his exceptionally skilled team translates each grape variety into an experience bound by an inimitable combination of intensity, complexity, subtlety, and balance. The Rieslings and Pinot Gris' especially, are renowned for their delectable aromas, depth, and richness. Colour, aroma, and balance, there is an eccentric appeal to every sensory attribute of their wines.

In their unceasing pursuit to maintain the highest quality standards. Dopff Au Moulin wilfully limit their production each year to ensure thorough handling of the entire winemaking process. Thereby, they ensure a perfect balance of quantity and quality with the belief that every drop of wine they produce is deserved to be savoured and cherished.

To summarise, Dopff Au Moulin Winery is a purveyor of fine wines that bear the hallmark of centuries-old traditions and exquisite craftsmanship. Longevity and excellence define their voyage in the realm of winemaking, thereby solidifying their position among the very best in Alsace, and perhaps; the world.

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