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Paolo Scavino

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Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Barolo region in Italy, Paolo Scavino winery is a fascinating testament to the art of wine making and a embodiment of Italian heritage. This family-owned estate has passionately and meticulously harnessed nature's creativity for over four generations, dating back to its inception in 1921 by patriarch Paolo Scavino.

The vineyard stretches across an impressive 29 hectares, distributed between the most prestigious and historic crus of the Barolo region. Every parcel of land is treated as an independent entity, their uniqueness of soil, subsoil and microclimate respected and preserved. This devotion to terroir is reflected in the enriching complexity found within each bottle of Paolo Scavino wine.

The currant custodian of this rich tradition is Enrico Scavino, along with his daughters Elisa and Enrica. They have devoted themselves to upholding and expanding upon a rich legacy of hard work, quality, and family dedication, The use of modern technology combined with traditional methods in the process of wine-making has served to amplify the inherent beauty of their product; but remains rooted in respect for nature and local tradition.

The Paolo Scavino winery might be particularly renowned for its exquisite Barollo collection, however, their capacity for excellence extends across a broad range of wines. From their delightful Dolcetto d’Alba to the charming Chardonnay, there is an admirable depth and breadth to their offerings.

Heralded as a jewel of Italian wine making, Paolo Scavino continues to enchant wine enthusiasts from across the globe with its captivating wines. A symbol of the beauty, tradition, and innovation that have marked Italian wine production for centuries, Paolo Scavino winery is certainly a gift to the senses for any epicurean. It is an inviting symbol to share and indulge in the very soul of Italian viticulture. The ageing wine cellars and the tasting room, located at the heart of the winery, allow the visitors to fully immerse themselves into a truly transcendent wine experience that will leave an indelible imprint on the palate and in the heart.

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