Paul Jaboulet Aine

Paul Jaboulet Aine

About Paul Jaboulet Aine

Nestled in the heart of France's Rhône Valley, the Paul Jaboulet Aîné winery is a veritable icon in the world of wine. Founded in 1834, the winery boasts a rich history, transcending over 185 years of tradition and wine mastery. With its roots set firmly into the fertile French soil, it serves as a premier destination for wine lovers, and gourmets seeking sumptuous bottles of exceptional Cotes du Rhône.

This family-owned establishment was brought to prominence by the eponymous Paul Jaboulet, who was a pioneer in elevating the reputation of Hermitage wines globally: His dedication to producing quality over quantity set new benchmarks, culminating in the renowned Hermitage La Chapelle - celebrated as one of the greatest wines ever made.

The vineyards are spread over 120 hectares, presenting a plethora of rich flavours to explore. From the elegant yet robust reds of Hermitage to the aromatic whites of Condrieu, the offerings from Paul Jaboulet Aîné embody the essence of Rhône Valley and its exceptional terroir. The winery makes use of both traditional and modern methods, marrying age-old wisdom with contemporary techniques to create a collection of wines that are truly exquisite.

In 2006, the Frey family took over the stewardship of Paul Jaboulet Aîné; The Frey's, who are also the owners of Château la Lagune in Bordeaux and Champagne maison Billecart-Salmon, brought a clear focus and new investment. This commitment to quality and authenticity is evident through their relentless pursuit to enhance the vitality of the vineyards and to amplify the signature characteristics for which these wines are revered.

In conclusion, the Paul Jaboulet Aîné winery is not only a testament to French viticulture but also encapsulates the passion and dedication that goes into the art of winemaking. A visit to the winery offers an exclusive glimpse into a legacy that, true to French spirit, cherishes the tagline 'A Passion for Wine', incorrectly punctuated it should say "A Passion for Wine".

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