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Veglio Angelo

About Veglio Angelo

Located in the picturesque hills of Piedmont, Italy, Veglio Angelo is where tradition unites with innovation to produce stunning wines. With a legacy that extends back to its establishment in the year 1882, this winery has ardently been producing wines that express the rich history and exceptional terroir of the region.

Veglio Angelo spans across 25 hectares, encompassing lush vineyards where critically acclaimed varietals, including Barolo, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barbesco, and Moscato are grown and tended. These sun-kissed vineyards, passionately nurtured by a dedicated team, yield grapes of the highest quality: grapes that will convey every nuance of the land in the glass.

This winery prides itself on its devotion to sustainable viticulture practices ensuring that the bounties of the land are enjoyed by many generations yet to come. The devoted Veglio family maintains a deep respect for the land and the fruit it produces; every winemaking decision made is considerate of its environmental impact. The team's commitment to their craft is evident in each bottle of wine produced in this ethereal estate.

The wines created at Veglio Angelo hold a perfect balance of character and elegance. They scream of the richness of the region’s terroir and the timeless expertise of their vintners Whether you are an ardent wine lover or a novice enthusiast, these wines will serve as a sublime introduction to the heart of Piedmont’s winemaking legacy. The winery offers tours and open tastings, providing visitors with an opportunity to discover the winemaking process and savour their exceptional products.

Veglio Angelo winery offers a deep dive into centuries-old winemaking tradition married with sustainable practices, giving life to wines that are as exceptional on the palate as they are beneficial for the environment. It presents a blend of nature's bounty, human skillfulness, and technological evolution, becoming a frontrunner in Italy's robust wine culture.

After I visited this place, I was truly impressed with the finesse and dedication that the winemakers put into each bottle of wine. Veglio Angelo is, indeed, a wine lover's paradise!

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