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Achaval Ferrer

About Achaval Ferrer

Established in 1998, Achaval Ferrer winery is situated in the breath-taking region of Mendoza, Argentina. A union of seven friends brought to life an aspiration that entailed making top-quality Argentina's wines, showcasing the nuanced character of Malbec in an exquisite blend.

The winery is set in the sublime footholds of the snow-capped Andes mountains. This idyllic location caters to the vineyards with a perfect, serene environment for grape cultivation. It provides a unique microclimate, a vital aspect in creating the refined taste and brilliant aromas, Achaval Ferrer is world-famous for.

Achaval Ferrer winery's philosophy is deeply rooted in expressing the true essence of their terroir. Anchored by a profound respect for the natural environment, the winery prides itself on its commitment to sustainable winemaking practices. Strict organic methods of farming are utilised, showcasing their earnest dedication towards preserving the ecosystem and bringing forth the best the land has to offer.

The essence of Achaval Ferrer's wines lays in the hands and hearts of the passionate people behind the bottles. The winemakers work meticulously, ensuring minimum interference during vinification retaining the inherent characteristics of the grapes. The team's unwavering dedication and hard work, reflect in every sip of their creation.

Remarkably, some of the winery's vineyards date back to 1908, with vines over a century old. The older the vine, the more concentrated and characterful the resulting wine taste bud. Among its selection of fine wines stands the 'Quimera.' This wine is a classic blend of Argentina's leading grape varieties, which features a deeply intense and complex aroma, evoking the essence of the stunning Argentinian landscape.

Head over to Achaval Ferrer winery, for not only a tasting experience. But a journey that takes your senses to the vineyards at the foot step of Andes, surrounded by the wine's birthplace and watch traditional winemaking in its finest form in action! It is a must-visit destination for any wine enthusiast.

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