Barons de Rothschild Lafite/Catena- Bodegas CARO

Barons de Rothschild Lafite/Catena- Bodegas CARO

About Barons de Rothschild Lafite/Catena- Bodegas CARO

Located in the heart of Argentina's Mendoza region, the Bodegas CARO winery is a stunning fusion of French and Argentinian winemaking heritage. The result of a unique partnership between the renowned Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) and Catena families, Bodegas CARO boasts prestigious viticultural tradition which stretches back centuries. This amalgamation of cultures and experiences has culminated in a selection of exceptional wines, celebrated for their unique expression of terroir.

The Rothschild family, known for their mastery in producing Bordeaux's finest wines, first forayed into the Argentinian wine scene in the late 90s. Intrigued by the region's exceptional terroir and wine potential, a partnership with the Catena family, owners, and custodians of some of Argentina's oldest vineyards was formed. This synergy came to fruition in 1999. with the establishment of Bodegas CARO.

Passionate about the land's age-old traditions, Bodegas CARO pays homage to its shared cultural heritage while simultaneously embracing the vibrancy of a contemporary wine marketplace. The winery integrates Argentinian techniques, championing local grape varieties like Malbec, with French methodologies applied to blends like Cabernet Sauvignon- the classic grape of Bordeaux's Médoc. The winemaker's skillful hand ensures optimal maturity of the fruit, helping to restraint the power of Malbec while maintaining elegance and balance.

The resulting wines are a revelation: an exquisite blend of power and finesse that authentically expresses the unique characters of their place of origin. The winery's premier label CARO, a Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon blend, is a true highlight known for its elegant intensity and complexity.

Not only known, for its extraordinary vintages, Bodegas CARO winery itself is a nod to wine history. The 1884 original cellar, restored and modernised, still harbours the winemaking process, offering its visitors a tangible link to the past in a serenely elegant setting.Visit Bodegas CARO to taste and experience the sublime intertwining of French finesse and Argentinian ardour, firsthand.

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