Benjamin de Rothschild & Vega Sicilia - Macán

Benjamin de Rothschild & Vega Sicilia - Macán

About Benjamin de Rothschild & Vega Sicilia - Macán

Nestled in the heart of Spain's illustrious Rioja region, the Macán winery is a passionate collaboration between two esteemed wine magnates - Benjamin de Rothschild and Vega Sicilia. This winery is renowned for producing subtle, yet vibrant Rioja wines that are redolent with the charm and grace of the local terroir.

Benjamin de Rothschild, a scion of the Rothschild family, made his foray into the world of wine through this partnership. He brought with him a heritage of Bordeaux winemaking that dates back to the 19th century, instilling a refined enthusiasm in the venture. Vega Sicilia, being one of Spain's oldest and most prestigious wineries, seamlessly entwined their decades of expertise with Rothschild’s innovative approach.

The collaboration, founded in 2003, was inspired by a shared vision to create an extraordinary Rioja that combined finesse, richness and age-worthiness. Situating their vineyard in the eminent wine commune of Álava, they deliberately chose old Tempranillo vineyards to tap into Rioja's traditional grape variety.

Unlike many other wineries in Rioja, Macán refrains from making high Vine-grower yields by pruning vines to stimulate quality over quantity. Their painstaking approach guarantees a layered, mellow wine filled with powerful dark fruit and spice flavours.

Macán and Macán Clásico are the two signature wines produced at the winery, the former offers more structure and longevity, while the latter delights with its silky texture and charming freshness.

Given their exquisite expertise and deep-rooted respect for the land, Benjamin de Rothschild and Vega Sicilia have truly immersed themselves within Spain’s winemaking heritage. Macán Winery is a testament to their shared values of passion, precision, and perfection in viniculture, leaving a memorable impression in Rioja's, wine legacy.

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