Bodegas Hermanos Perez Pascuas

Bodegas Hermanos Perez Pascuas

About Bodegas Hermanos Perez Pascuas

Nestled in the historic wine region of Ribera del Duero, Spain, Bodegas Hermanos Perez Pascuas is a renowned winery with an exceptional pedigree. Established in 1980 by three brothers, their shared passion for viticulture and oenology has transformed a traditional family hobby into an enterprise of global recognition.

Committed to preserving the cultural significance of wine-making, the energetic trio continues to employ traditional techniques with a modern twist. Balancing innovation with respect for their heritage, they produce wines recognised worldwide for their remarkable quality, and endearing character all from their lovingly maintained 135-hectare estate.

Interestingly, it was the brothers' commitment to careful stewardship of their vineyards that first drew critical accolades. Healthy, mature vines result in grapes of outstanding quality — the genesis of all exceptional wine?. Implementing environmentally-friendly practices further enhances the sustainability of their enterprise, contributing to the superior quality of their sublime collection.

Perhaps the most famous of their offerings, is the exceptional Cepa 21. The wine has won numerous international awards, impressing oenophile's with its rich black fruit notes and beautifully harmonious tannin structure. Defying the predilections of the wine market, the brothers decidedly maintain their viticultural heritage has replaced lucrative global trends and the result – a distinctively rich, profound wine, that imbibes the heart and soul of Ribera del Duero.

Fulfilling their father Mauro Perez's vision, the Bodegas Hermanos Perez Pascuas winery stands as a testament not merely to their family legacy, but to the timeless allure of Spanish viticulture. With every ripe, silky grape they cultivate, they write another captivating chapter into the story of wine – one characterised by an unwavering dedication to quality, historical recognition and the enchantment of sharing a great bottle. Whether you're a long-time collector or a casual wine-curious individual, there's something truly magical waiting for you amidst the verdant grandeur of Bodegas Hermanos Perez Pascuas' estate.

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