Château Fleur de Lisse

Château Fleur de Lisse

About Château Fleur de Lisse

Situated in the heart of France's iconic wine region, Bordeaux, lies the prestigious Château Fleur de Lisse. This esteemed winery combines traditional French winemaking artistry with modern innovation to create a truly unique range of wines that captivate wine enthusiasts worldwide.

Built in the 18th century, the Château exhibits an air of timeless elegance. Its sublime architecture, complete with stately stone walls and essential French grandeur, is matched only by the high-quality wine it produces. Surrounded by rolling vineyards, its picturesque location adds to the overall mystique and charm of the estate.

Château Fleur de Lisse grows a myriad of grape varieties, with a particular emphasis on Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Its carefully tended vineyard spans over an impressive 20 hectares, each meticulously managed to encourage the best growth and quality of grapes. By implementing state-of-the-art technology and embracing innovative winemaking techniques, Fleur de Lisse consistently produces wines that are vibrant and complex, yet authentic to the region’s classic style.

Among its many wines, the Château's flagship product is their renowned Saint-Émilion Grand Cru. This robust, full-bodied red features bold flavours of blackcurrant and plum, mingling with subtle hints of liquorice and spice. It is this fine balance of intensity and elegance that encapsulates the essence of Bordeaux,

Skip a trip to Château Fleur de Lisse and you might miss the chance to explore its historic cellars, where the wines are aged to perfection in oak barrels. Offering an array of wine degustation experiences, the estate's hospitable hosts are experts in their craft, eagerly sharing their passion for fine wine and gastronomy with visitors.

Château Fleur de Lisse, synonymous with exquisite French wine, takes pride not only in it's fabulous wine, or its architectural beauty, but in the rich history and culture it embodies. It’s a must-visit on the itinerary of any wine lover touring France.

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