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Dog Point Vineyard

About Dog Point Vineyard

Located in the heart of Marlborough, New Zealand's world-renowned wine region, Dog Point Vineyard is a testimony to the rich heritage of viticulture in the area. This sophisticated winery is the collaborative venture of two of the country's most well-respected wine-making families the Beavans and the McDonalds; both families bringing an immense passion and a wealth of knowledge to the creation of their exceptional wines.

Dog Point Vineyard spans over an impressive 80 hectares of verdant land, each hectare meticulously managed with a refreshing blend of traditional and innovative techniques. The winery's commitment to sustainable viticulture is commendable! The vineyard is both BioGro certified and a member of SWNZ (Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand), demonstrating a deep-seated respect for the land and the need for preservation for future generations.

Each wine from Dog Point Vineyard is an aromatic journey sweeping through notes of citrus, stone fruits, honeyed brioche and toasted almonds, to name a few. The wines are meticulously crafted and barrel-aged in French oak offering a harmonious balance between finesse and complexity. This showcases the McDonald's superior wine-making prowess inherited from generations of experience, intertwined with modern techniques.

With a product range featuring the highly sought-after Sauvignon Blanc, mouth-watering Chardonnay's and complex Pinot Noir. Every wine lover, from the novice to the aficionado, will find something to admire in their diverse portfolio. The winery also hosts exclusive annual events, pairing their exquisite wines with sumptuous dishes meticulously curated to bring out the vibrant flavours of each grape variety.

Dog Point Vineyard is a riveting blend of tradition, innovation and dedication. It embodies a fervent passion for wine-making, a profound respect for the land, and a ceaseless pursuit of excellence. This family-run winery is a shining beacon in a region rich with wine-making history; not just a vineyard, but a testament to the spirit and endurance of the land's caretakers.

To sum it up, Dog Point Vineyard redefines the true essence of winemaking - honouring the land, cherishing heritage and embarking on a continuous journey towards perfection.

Note: Although every attempt has been made to ensure that the information provided here is accurate. We recommend double-checking with the winery before planning a visit.

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