Laurent Perrier

Laurent Perrier

About Laurent Perrier

Laurent Perrier, based in Tours-sur-Marne, is renowned as one of the world's most prominent champagne houses. Characterised by a dedication to maintaining distinct champagne styles that epitomise the family heritage, this brand defines luxury and quality in the global champagne dictionary.

Since its inception in 1812, Laurent Perrier's prosperity hinged on its philosophy - the pursuit of excellence. This pursuit is reflected in the choicest grape selections from esteemed vineyards and meticulous ageing processes supervised by expert Cellar Masters. With such keen focus on quality, it's no surprise that Laurent Perrier champagne is the bottle synonymous with celebrations and unforgettable moments around the world.

Famed for innovation, Laurent Perrier introduced the ‘freshness and elegance’ style of brut non-vintage champagne, marking a pivotal turning point in champagne history. Also pioneered by this winery is the ultra-brut, a no added sugar champagne. Above all, the Cuvée Rosé is synonymous with the Laurent Perrier name, extraordinarily produced by allowing the black grapes to remain in contact with the juice to create an unprecedented rosé.

But Laurent Perrier is more than just a winery. It captivates its guests through incredible vineyard tours and wine tasting experiences. Patrons get an opportunity to observe the production process and witness the vine to glass journey of their favourite bottle.

In a nutshell, Laurent Perrier's reputation is built on the consistency of its superior champagnes the dedication of its team, and the passion apparent in every bottle produced. Their luxury brand of champagnes have left a tasteful imprint on wine lovers' pallets, affirming Laurent Perrier as a leading innovator in the champagne world..

Immerse yourself in the world of champagne and indulge in the range of Laurent Perrier. Whether for a celebration or to savour the fine taste of bubbly, this is a brand that is sure to impress.

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