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Lieu Dit

About Lieu Dit

Nestled in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley, in California, Lieu Dit Winery is a haven for wine lovers. The winery takes its name from the French term 'Lieu Dit' which means a small area of vineyard that grows a unique variety of grape, and reflects the key driving force behind this unique vineyard: the pursuit of expressing the finest varieties of wine.

The winery was established by Tyler and Justin, two accomplished sommeliers with a deep passion for French wines. Their idea was to bring the distinctive charm of French wines to California's fertile soils. Inspired particularly by the vineyards of France’s Loire Valley, they focus on cultivating varietals like the lush Chenin Blanc and distinctive Cabernet Franc, amongst others.

The winery itself is picture-perfect, a charming reflection of the winemakers' commitment to traditional methods. The vines are grown with minimal intervention, allowing the natural characteristics of each grape to shine through in the finished product, The wines they produce are renowned for their balanced complexity and purity of flavour, skilfully capturing the essence of both Californian terroirs and distinct French tones.

Yet, what makes Lieu Dit truly special is perhaps it's welcoming nature. The winery's tasting room invites visitors to savour their wines at leisure, whilst enjoying the panoramic vineyard views. Furthermore, the knowledgeable, approachable staff are always keen to share their insights into the wine-making process, transforming each visit into an enlightening experience.

In conclusion, Lieu Dit Winery is much more than just a destination for exceptional wines. It represents a blend of tradition and innovation, a celebration of the unique offerings of the land, and a testament of two sommeliers love for fine wines. From the idyllic vineyard to the distinctive, exquisitely crafted wines, it truly a unique place, one that every wine lover should visit.

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