About Poggiotondo

Nestled in the gorgeous Tuscan hills, Poggiotondo winery encapsulates the very essence of Italian viticulture. Its picturesque setting, with its rolling vineyards and gentle olive trees makes it an idyllic site for quality wine production.

Borne out of organic farming principles, the ethos at Poggiotondo ensures sustainability sit at the heart of their operations. The respect for nature and commitment to protecting the delicate balance of their environment has set Poggiotondo apart in the winemaking world.

Their philosophy is deeply rooted in the tradition of Trebbiano, Sangiovese, and Malvasia, the revered soils of Tuscany, which are known for their naturally robust qualities. These elements come together to create a favourable microclimate, ensuring the growth of healthy and vibrant grapes for their exquisite wines.

Poggiotondo's wines themselves are a testament to their commitment to quality; a pure expression of the vineyard's terroir. Each bottle encapsulates the rich Italian heritage with a modern twist, allowing the individual characteristics of each grape variety to truly shine. Renowned for both their red and white wines, Poggiotondo offers a diverse portfolio that appeals to a variety of palates.

Visitors to the winery can immerse themselves in an authentic wine experience that goes beyond simple tasting. Guided tours unravel the intricate processes behind the production; from grape growing, to harvesting and, ultimately, to bottling. Amidst breath-taking panoramic views, enthusiasts and beginners alike can partake in wine tastings complemented by a selection of local cheeses and antipasti.

However perfection is not only limited to Poggiotondo's wines. Their famed extra virgin olive oil, squeezed from their own groves, is another product that delights the senses, as it perfectly complements Italian dishes from bruschetta to pasta.

Indeed, Poggiotondo winery is a captivating venture that promises a truly unique, quality, and sustainable wine experience. It is a charming tribute to the traditions of the Tuscan earth and an undeniable gem in Italy's viticulture crown,

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