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Raen Winery is an American vineyard located in the renowned Sonoma coast region of California. While relatively young, having been founded in 2014, the company has swiftly established itself as a top-tier wine producer in the area. It is the brainchild of two brothers, fourth-generation winemakers Carlo and Dante Mondavi, who are proving to exhibit a knack for creativity and innovation just like their famed forebears.

With particular attention to crafting fine pinot noir, Raen Winery practices a 'Old-World' approach to winemaking. Each vine, nurtured and cared for, receives individual attention to ensure utmost quality. The onus is on using organic farming methods and ensuring the wines meet biodynamic standards, reinforcing the company's commitment to minimal-intervention winemaking. The result is exquisite wines that are pure expressions of the terroir - featuring varietal characters that are intensely flavourful yet elegantly balanced.

The word Raen is an acronym formed from Research in Agriculture and Enology Naturally which speaks about the winery's ethos of producing wines in harmony with nature. This philosophy is deeply ingrained in every action they take, from pruning and picking to fermentation and bottling.

Raen Winery’s strategic location, nestled in between the pacific ocean and dense forests, imparts its produce with a delicate balance and elegance. The tract’s sesquicentennial old vines adds depth and structure to the wines, developing unique and singular profiles that are simply marvellous.

Indeed, Raen Winery may still be young, but its wines tell a tale of timeless craftsmanship in the hands of passionate and dedicated vintners. This, paired with the Mondavi name, promises nothing but excellence ahead.

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