About Tbilvino

At the heart of the rich winemaking tradition of Georgia lies Tbilvino winery, a beacon of authentic Georgian viticulture. Located in the capital city, Tbilisi, Tbilvino winery elevates the time-honoured traditions of Georgian winemaking to meet the expectations of contemporary palates.

Since its inception in 1962, Tbilvino wines have become synonymous with Georgian wines, marked by their unmistakable quality and exquisite flavour profiles. The winery largely sustains on the autochthonous variety of grapes carefully sourced from its vineyards in the esteemed Kakheti and Imereti regions.

At the heart of Tbilvino's philosophy is the meticulous emphasis on maintaining the integrity of the terroir and expressing it in its wines. This dedication can be tasted across its broad range of wines – red, white and sparkling alike.

The winery is also much appreciated for its innovative practices. Tbilvino's introduction of Qvevri production methods, utilising earthenware vessels for fermentation and ageing, has been instrumental in reviving a 5000-year-old vinification technique.

Tbilvino's pursuit for quality doesn't compromise its sustainability efforts. From water conservation methods to practices minimising energy consumption, this winery ensures its practices are as eco-friendly as they are proficient.

With substantial industry accolades validating its expertise, Tbilvino stands as a testament to the unyielding spirit of Georgian wine crafting. Notably, the winery’s Saperavi varietals have achieved significant recognition for their profound character and depth of flavours.

Hosting immersive tasting sessions and winery tours, Tbilvino represents a delightful opportunity for oenophiles to acquaint themselves with Georgia’s viticultural splendour. The winery, with its generous hospitality and legacy of craft mastery, invites individuals across the world to share in its tales of timeless winemaking passion and prowess.

In conclusion, Tbilvino winery remains a quintessential ambassador for Georgian wines, conveying an opulent tapestry of flavours, neatly wrapped in a bottle, to the world. Therein, lies the beauty and charm of the wine culture the winery artfully preserves and promotes. Clearly Tbilvino represents, far more than just a winery, it's a unique wine experience steeped in rich tradition!

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