Vina Montes

The history of Montes dates back to 1987 when Aurelio Montes and Douglas Murray, both highly experienced wine professionals, decided to realise their dream of crafting Chilean wines a quantum-leap higher in quality than the standards of the time under sustainable practices. In 1988, they joined up with Alfredo Vidaurre and Pedro Grand, who brought their own complementary skills and expertise to the venture. Montes' Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon 1987, the first premium wine to be exported from Chile, immediately raised the bar for other Chilean producers. Its success was immediate, and it demonstrated that we had chosen the correct path – the one that we had hoped for from the beginning – focusing on the standards expected by international markets. Our Alpha range was soon followed by the first Chilean ultra-premium wine Montes' Alpha M; while Montes' Folly 2000 (a limited production 100% Syrah) and Purple Angel (a 92% Carmenere), launched in 2005.