About Acrobat

Established in the heart of Oregon’s luscious wine country, Acrobat Winery is a celebration of the land's bounty. Each bottle is a harmonious tribute to the nuanced flavours obtained from Oregon’s diverse terroir. It's a must-visit spot for wine enthusiasts, eager to explore the exquisite flavours of the Pacific Northwest.

Acrobat’s ethos is centred around the environment and sustainability. Part of the renowned King Estate Winery family, it upholds its parent company's commitment to nurturing the relationship between the land and the wine. Striving to craft the highest quality wines with minimal intervention, they allow nature’s own rhythm to shape their vineyard’s bounty.

Acrobat’s wines are a true delight to the palate. Their rotating selection features wines with impeccable balance and depth. Acrobat's Pinot Noir, for example, is known for it's elegant finish and robust flavours. It carries an enticing bouquet of red fruit, emboldened by grounded notes of spice. Meanwhile, the Pinot Gris is acclaimed for its vibrant acidity and a hint of minerality, providing a crisp, refreshing taste.

On a visit to the winery, one can expect a warm and inviting atmosphere. The staff at Acrobat are not just knowledgeable about their wines, but passionate as well. Each guest is given an enriching wine tasting experience here; it's an encounter full of shared stories, laughs and, of course, extraordinary wines.

In essence, Acrobat is not just a winery, it’s a representation of Oregon's mild climate, fertile soils, and commitment to eco-friendly practices. It's fascination for the patient and delicate art of winemaking, the care taken at every step of the process – all these elements come together to create wine that’s more than just a drink, it’s an experience.

However, there's a minor detail that could potentially be off putting, all their wine tastings happen by appointment only! But, once you take a sip of their exceptional wine, you'll agree that it's a small inconvenience for an unforgettable experience.

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