Alain Coudert - Clos de La Roilette

Alain Coudert - Clos de La Roilette

About Alain Coudert - Clos de La Roilette

Nestled in the verdant vineyards of the Fleurie appellation in Beaujolais, France, is the exceptional winery – Alain Coudert's Clos de La Roilette. Grown on the region's coveted, granitic soils, the vineyard's robust and perfumed Gamay grapes are crafted into prestigious wines that even the most discerning oenophiles can appreciate.

The story behind this revered winery is as rich as the wines themselves. The estate dates back to the early 20th century when it was owned by a man whose daughter was known as "La Roilette". Her beauty and grace were renowned throughout the land, so much so, that the estate was nicknamed after her. Today, Alain Coudert continues the vineyard's esteemed legacy producing wines that reflect the rich history of the soil and the enchanting tale behind its moniker.

Clos de La Roilette wines exhibit unique characteristics directly resulting from the local terroir. Producing wines that are fruity voluptuous yet possessing substantial structure and tannins, a result of deep-reaching vines and the granitic soils. A sensory encounter with these wines begins with a bouquet of dark berries, leading on to earthy tones rounding off with a subtle hint of spice.

From the meticulous harvesting of the grapes to the careful vinification process, Alain Coudert endeavours to bring out the inherent earthiness of bowels fruit with as minimal intervention as possible. His commitment to the winemaking process ensures the purity of the fruit is preserved, letting nature do most of the work endowing his wines with authenticity and uniqueness.

Clos de La Roilette with it ' s strong identity and distinct flavours, is emblematic of the elusiveness and charm that Beaujolais wines can achieve. Every bottle of wine from this distinguished vineyard is not only a promise of exquisite taste but also, a replay of the intrigue and romance of its past. A must-have for wine enthusiasts and romantics alike.

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