Alois Lageder

Alois Lageder

About Alois Lageder

Found nestled in the stunning region of Alto Adige, Northern Italy, Alois Lageder is an esteemed winery acclaimed worldwide for its exceptional standard of winemaking. The vineyard spans a substantial 50 hectares, peppered with a variety of grapevines. Yet, the true ethos of Alois Lageder lies in its deep-rooted commitment to sustainability through a biodynamic cultivation approach.

Established in 1823, Alois Lageder has progressed through five generations, each promoting a profound respect for nature. The winery's philosophy is centred around the idea of creating harmony between man and nature, leveraging the vineyard's potential to produce wines that honestly represent their origin. It is this unwavering commitment to sustainability and superior quality that has earned the winery a reputation for excellence.

The wines produced at Alois Lageder bear evidence of the meticulous attention to detail and care given at every stage of production. They are truly outstanding, showcasing unique, distinguished character and untainted, authentic taste. Moreover, wine enthusiasts often remark on the sublime bouquet each bottle possesses. It renders not only the fragrance of the grape, but the underlying notes of the soil – an enchanting symphony of nature held within a bottle.

The winery also hosts an annual wine festival, Vinum, where they showcase an array of their latest concoctions. It offers the perfect opportunity for wine aficionados and beginners alike to sample some of the finest wines Alois Lageder has to offer.

In essence, Alois Lageder is a winery that encapsulates the spirit of biodynamic winemaking. It not only nurtures the vineyard but also upholds the balance of the ecosystem, thus paving the path for a sustainable future; a lesson we could all learn from.

But, it is an experience that surpasses words! One must visit the Alois Lageder winery, indulge in the serene beauty of nature, and taste the fruits of harmonious existence, to truly understand its charm.

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