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Situated in the heart of Greece's Northwestern region, Alpha Estate winery is known for its unique craftsmanship in winemaking. It is nestled amidst the breathtaking slopes of Amyndeon, a viticulture appellation that embodies both enchanting beauty and historical significance.

Elegant and pristine, the vineyard glistens under the bright Mediterranean sun, its fertile soil flourishing with ripened grapes. Alpha Estate's 120-hectare area bathes in this opulent Greek sunshine, helping produce enticingly refined wines. What makes these precision-crafted wines more interesting is the astonishingly cool climate of the region which is quite rare; for Greek vineyards

Alpha Estate revolutionises traditional winemaking by merging it with modern science and technology. Its advanced wine processing facility is a testament to its dedication to efficiency while preserving flavour profiles and personality of each grape variety. Excellent storage and ageing cellars further ensure the wine's optimal maturation and structure.

Each bottle of Alpha Estate wine tells a story of Greek wine heritage infused with contemporary reinvention, embodying flavours that linger long on the palate. Notably, indigenous grape varieties, including Xinomavro and Malagousia, play a key role in creating a symphony of flavours that truly capture Greece's viticultural quintessence.

Just as impressive is Alpha Estate’s dedication to environmental sustainability. All aspects of production, from grape cultivation to waste management, are meticulously tailored to minimise environmental impact.

Being both a local hero and a revelation in the international wine industry, Alpha Estate, showcases the finest Greek wines to the world. Uncork a bottle, and there is no doubt you will find yourself immersed in a gustatory journey to the captivating terrains of Greece. Truly, Alpha Estate winery is not only a symbol of fine Greek winemaking, but it is also a testament to the delicate balance between tradition and modernity in the constantly evolving wine industry.

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