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Andrea Felici

About Andrea Felici

Nestled amidst the beautiful rolling hills of Marche, Italy, lies the distinguished Andrea Felici winery. This gem is renowned as a premier producer of elegant and aromatic wines, meticulously crafted through time-honoured traditions coupled with cutting-edge practices.

From its inception in 1971, Andrea Felici has drawn from the richness of the local landscape, cultivating grapes in harmony with the natural surroundings. Indeed, its heart beats in the vineyards, each laden with juicy Verdicchio and Pinot Noir grapes. The vineyards, spread across a sprawling 12 hectares, are certified organic, underscoring the winery's respect and care for the environment.

At the helm is the mastermind and namesake, Andrea Felici, whose passion for viniculture is evident not only in the exquisite wines he crafts, but also in his commitment to sustainability. His deep respect for the land, the soil and the vine is palpably evident in his careful management of the vineyard from vine to bottle.

Andrea Felici wines have an impressive range, each bottle brimming with layered aromas and complex flavour profiles. From their crisp and refreshing Verdicchio, ideal for any seafood dish to their robust Pinot Noir, aged to perfection, the winery consistently delivers outstanding wines that delight and surprise in each sip.

The winery also places a great emphasis on hospitality, Offering guided tours of the vineyard and cellar, coupled with tutored tastings. This will give insight to both the novice and the connoisseur into the expertise and passion that underpins each bottle of Andrea Felici wine.

Tucked away in this picturesque corner of Italy, Andrea Felici winery, much like it's carefully crafted wines - bears testament to the tenacity, passion, and dedication of a single man. It is, quite simply, a marriage of tradition and innovation that delivers nothing short of vinicultural excellence.

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