Antinori Pèppoli

Antinori Pèppoli

About Antinori Pèppoli

Deep in the heart of Tuscany, amidst rolling hills and evergreen vineyards, is the Antinori Pèppoli winery. Regarded as one of Italy's crowning jewels, Pèppoli is a testament to the age-old tradition and craftsmanship of winemaking.

The Antinori family, renowned for their uncompromising dedication to quality, have fostered the winery through a staggering 26 generations. Covering approximately 100 hectares, filled with fertile soil and a perfectly suited climate, Antinori Pèppoli is home to a lustrous array of grape varieties. From the robust Sangiovese to the delicate Pinot Nero, Pèppoli's viticultural emphasis is centred around eliciting the nuances of these indigenous grape varieties.

What distinguishes Pèppoli from its counterparts is not merely its rich history or the optimal growing conditions, but the mindful processes by which the grapes are transformed into wines. Traditional techniques are expertly married with modern technologies, leading to a unique blend of heritage and innovation. Equally impressive is the highly skilled team, who are resolutely dedicated to their craft and constantly striving to preserve the authenticity of each wine.

The result is an exquisite line-up of wines that are truly reflective of their terroir. The Chianti Classico Pèppoli, in particular, is a subtle play of flavours and aromas that embodies the essence of Tuscany. It is a wine of great character and depth, much like the family who produce its.

Visitors to Antinori Pèppoli will find themselves completely immersed in a sensory experience. From the captivating views of the undulating Tuscan landscape, the intoxicating scents of ripe grapes and earth, to the taste of Pèppoli's storied wines, there is truly something for all the senses. Those seeking a more intimate affair may opt for guided tours and tastings, where wine enthusiasts can delve deeper into the winery's traditions and philosophy.

Indeed the Antinori Pèppoli winery is a genuine reflection of Tuscany's grandeur and gastronomic excellence. It is a destination bubbling with quality, expertise and an underlying passion that ensures every drop of Pèppoli wine is a drop to remember.

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