Antinori - Tenuta Montenisa

Antinori - Tenuta Montenisa

About Antinori - Tenuta Montenisa

Antinori - Tenuta Montenisa winery is an exquisite wine-making estate situated in the heart of Lombardy's Franciacorta region, in Italy. It has been an imprint of the Antinori family since 1999 which was when they had fallen in love with the landscape and saw great potential for producing high-quality sparkling wine.

The vineyard covers approximately 60 hectares, offering a diverse terroir which contributes to the remarkable character of the wines. The vineyard comprises three distinct areas, each different in terms of altitude, sun exposure, and soil composition, in order to optimise conditions for the cultivation of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Blanc varieties. This strategic differentiation allows the winery to produce wines with unparalleled complexity and depth of flavour.

The history and traditional wine-making techniques passed down from generation to generation, meld seamlessly with avant-garde technology and winemaking techniques. The result is a production of wines that express the quintessential nature of the land from which they originate. Such is the commitment to the preservation of tradition, that the winery is located in a 14th century villa. This bestows a touch of historic charm to the site.

The wines from Antinori - Tenuta Montenisa are highly acclaimed. Due to its painstaking efforts towards perfection, it has become synonymous with top-quality Italian sparkling wine. Their Montenisa Brut, for instance, is regarded as an essential embodiment of the winery, exhibiting a perfect combination of elegance and freshness.

Visiting Antinori - Tenuta Montenisa winery is not just about wine tasting, it’s also a delightful journey through the history and beauty of the region. Visitors are welcome to take a guided tour around the beautiful vineyard, enjoy a tasting of their high-quality wines, with the added benefit of obtaining insight into the winery's century-old story of wine-making passion.

In conclusion, Antinori - Tenuta Montenisa winery is at its heart, a blend of tradition, innovation and quality that has been passed down through 26 generations; a mark of their continuous strive for excellence in winemaking. It delivers more than just a bottle of wine, it delivers an experience of tastes, scents. and culture that tells a story with every bottle.

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