Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas

About Blank Canvas

Nestled within the picturesque terrain of New Zealand's renowned Marlborough wine region lies the exotic Blank Canvas winery. This ingeniously named vineyard signifies a fresh start, a new beginning - where quality wine is not just a product, it's an artistic expression.

Blank Canvas structures itself differently compared to its counterparts, primarily because it's an ambitious venture of a single couple, Matt and Sophie Thomson. Made up of the master winemaker Matt's phenomenal technical prowess, coupled with Sophie's overseeing sagacity, Blank Canvas embodies both raw passion and an intricate detail-oriented approach towards the art of winemaking.

The vineyard's terrain is a panopticon of vine varieties, each having its unique identity. Ranging from Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir to Syrah and Grüner Veltliner, the vineyard's variety sweep is expansive and intriguing. The Thomson's strong belief in minimal intervention allows for each variety to express its individuality, resulting in a wine palate that is lavish in its diversity.

At Blank Canvas, the fruit is hand-picked and handled with the utmost care to create vivid, highly expressive wines. The production practices here revolve around organic and sustainable farming principles. Attention is paid not just to the quality of what goes into making their stunning wines, but also how it affects the environment.

It's not only the vineyard that exudes that made-from-scratch essence. The insignia of Blank Canvas, a wine drip caught mid-fall, is the handiwork of Sophie. This distinctive seal adorns each bottle, adding a personalised touch, to the liquid art housed within.

Blank Canvas is not only a winery it's an entire wine milieu. It straddles the line between tradition and innovation, creating novel wine experiences that are worth a sip and a second look.

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