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Bodegas Godeval

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From its majestic location in the Valdeorras region of North-Western Spain, Bodegas Godeval Winery crafts some of the finest Spanish wines you’re likely to find. With a commitment to the preservation of traditional wine-growing methods entwined with modern innovations, the winery captures the timelessness and sophistication of the region's bounty.

Perched high on the steep slopes of Xagoaza's hills, Bodegas Godeval was established in the 1980s. The winery was devoted to revitalising the almost forgotten Godello grape, known for producing wines of unsurpassed elegance and freshness. Through their painstaking dedication, they were successful in restoring the Godello's former glory; now illustrious for yielding wines brimming with vibrant flavours and a distinctive minerality.

Here, they work in harmony with the land, on a mission to reflect the spectacular terroir of the Valdeorras region in each bottle produced. They embrace sustainable viticulture, cultivating the vineyards organically, and the winemaking process too is guided by minimal intervention.

While Bodegas Godeval's heart may be steeped in tradition, their vision is firmly forward-looking. The winery is housed within the renovated 13th-century San Michael Monastery, a pairing of the old and contemporary that symbolically reflects their philosophy. Inside, modern gleaming stainless steel tanks sit side by side with traditional oak casks, encapsulating the essence of Godeval's innovative spirit.

Their wines have rightfully earned a reputation for their refined, expressive character. Each bottle presents a seamless balance of rich fruit, minerality, and a stunning acidity that begs for a second glass.

In the realm of Spanish wine making, Bodegas Godeval is an emblematic icon, a vanguard in the renaissance of the Godello grape and a synthesis of centuries-old tradition coupled with cutting-edge innovation. It is a winery that has truly mastered the dance between time-honoured techniques and new-age methods, to create wines that radiate the sense of place from which they originate,

Just to add, Bodegas Godeval’s dedication and craftsmanship to the art of winemaking does not only capture the hearts of wine connoisseurs, but it also elevates the entire experience to a level rarely encountered in today's wine world.

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Sold in multiples of 6
Sold in multiples of 6
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