Buehler Vineyards

Buehler Vineyards

About Buehler Vineyards

Set amidst the lush soils of Napa Valley, California, lies the picturesque Buehler Vineyards. This family-owned vineyard spans 300 acres, with nearly one-fourth of it dedicated to vine cultivation.

The Buehler family, the wisdom behind this magnificent vineyard, have been passionately tending to this land for more than 40 years, creating some of California’s finest wines. The vineyard's rich history is reflected in its commitment to traditional winemaking methods. Here, the harvest is manually picked and processed, ensuring that all wines bear the mark of this hands-on experience.

Perhaps what truly sets Buehler Vineyards apart, however, is its remarkable location. Situated at an elevation of 300-1,200 feet, nestled in the craggy hills and among dense forests, the vineyard enjoys a unique terroir. The unique climate and soil composition contribute to the deep complexity of their wines. You’ll find that Buehler’s wines, particularly their standout Cabernet Sauvignons and Zinfandels; are a true testament to the aromas and flavours the land yields.

Committed to producing high-quality wines at fair prices, Buehler Vineyards operates using environmentally friendly practices. The vineyard employs sustainable farming methods and is dedicated to small, dense planting and low-yield crops. With an eye for the environment, they also harness solar power to meet much of their energy needs.

For wine lovers, visiting Buehler Vineyards is an experience not to be missed. Their tour transports you through tastefully cultivated vine rows, nestled in the soul-stirring panorama of the Napa Valley. Pair these breathtaking views with a glass of one of their splendid wines and you have an idyllic escape from the everyday.

Whether it's the history, the hands-on attention to each bottle, or pristine setting; Buehler Vineyards offers a truly distinctive, mindful take on the art of winemaking.

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