About Campogrande

Nestled in the rolling landscapes of Italy, Campogrande winery is a splendid gem of world-renowned wine production, exuding quintessential elegance and charm. Located in the heart of Umbria, this stunning winery is hailed for its superb cultivation of classical Italian grapes, which yield exceptionally indulgent wines that are savoured across the globe.

Campogrande winery is steeped in tradition, maintaining exceptional viticulture techniques that have been passed down through generations. The winery harmoniously intertwines with its existing habitat, preserving the surrounding flora and fauna to sustain the distinctive characteristics of its products. Subsequently, their wines are renowned for their subtle complexity and depth of flavour; they caress the tongue in a divine dance of delicate aromatic notes and velvety textures.

The estate is also a picture of tranquil perfection, offering scenic vineyard views, rustic wooden barrels lining the cellars, and centuries-old stone buildings that evoke a sense of rich history and timeless beauty. The Campogrande team pride themselves on not only presenting the finest Italian wines to their guests, but also crafting an unparalleled winery experience epitomising Italian hospitality.

Visitors are welcome to degust various wine offerings, set against panoramic views of the Umbrian landscape, and learn about the meticulous winemaking process from the passionate vintners at Campogrande. From the first sip, guests discern the winery's commitment to superior craftsmanship, producing wines that reflect the winery’s authenticity and devotion to excellence.

In essence, Campogrande winery is more than just a purveyor of exquisite wines; it is a vibrant testament to Italy's enduring love for wine-making that reverberates in every bottle produced and enjoyed, Its aromatic bouquet and unparalleled flavour profile reveal the true essence of authentic Italian wines. Embarking on a journey through Campogrande winery guarantees visitors a rich sensory experience—an endearing dance of taste, sight, scent, and texture—that is vibrant, moving, and profoundly memorable.

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