Casa Valduga

Casa Valduga

About Casa Valduga

Casa Valduga is a renowned Brazilian winery nestled in the picturesque valley of Vale dos Vinhedos, Rio Grande do Sul. With an illustrious history spanning over 140 years, it is deeply steeped in a time-honoured wine-making tradition, passed down through generations of the Valduga family.

Established in the late 19th century by Italian immigrant family, Casa Valduga has grown from humble beginnings into a prestigious winery, shaping the Brazilian wine industry and setting an exemplary standard for South American wines. Throughout its history, Casa Valduga has brilliantly blended traditional techniques with innovative winemaking practices, resulting in exceptional quality wines that have been applauded by connoisseurs around the globe.

The expansive estate of Casa Valduga spans across lush vineyards and past captivating landscapes. The winery itself is a sight to behold, featuring state-of-the-art facilities for wine production, bottling, and ageing. Here, they house a multitude of French and American oak barrels, where the magic of the wine maturing process takes place.

Visitors to Casa Valduga are treated to an immersive experience. The on-site museum offers an insight into the rich history of the vineyards and the Valduga family, while wine tastings allow guests to sample a plethora of fine wines, including their world-class sparkling wines for which they have gained international acclaim:.

Committed to sustainable practices, Casa Valduga holds a deep respect for nature and the terroir that produces its exceptional grape varieties maintaining a minimal intervention approach to preserve the purity and authenticity of their wines.

The Casa Valduga winery is much more than just a combination of history, tradition, and premium wines, it is the embodiment of the Valduga family's passion, dedication, and love for winemaking. Here, every glass of wine tells a story, offering a taste of the Brazilian terroir, laced with the spirit of Italian heritage and familial legacy.

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