Cellier des Princes

Cellier des Princes

About Cellier des Princes

Located in the picturesque landscape of Southern France, Cellier des Princes Winery is known for its high quality wines that are a true reflection of their origin. Set amidst the enchanting vineyards of the Rhône Valley, Cellier des Princes, which translates to 'Cellar of the Princes', offers an unforgettable wine tasting and touring experience.

Founded in 1925, this cooperative cellar offers a wide variety of wines, crafted from a range of grape varieties including Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. The cellar is passionate about its traditional winemaking process and boasts of top-end facilities, which ensure that the grapes retain their natural characteristic, aroma and flavour.

Sustainability is a key pursuit for Cellier des Princes. The cellar is proud of its sustainable farming measures and stringent quality controls that guarantee the production of wines that are a harmony of authenticity and innovation, It also holds the Terra Vitis certification, a French award for viticulture that respects the environment.

Visitors to the winery are treated to a tour around the cellars, where they will gain insight into the winemaking processes and the history of the cellar. The tour inevitably concludes with a wine tasting session in their chic tasting room, where you can not only sample a diversified range of wines but also enjoy a panoramic view of the vineyards.

As the only cooperative in Chateauneuf du Pape, Cellier des Princes, undoubtedly makes a fine addition to any connoisseur's wine tasting journey, It’s an enticing blend of tradition, innovation, and passionate winemaking.

In summary, Cellier des Princes offers a confluence of rich wine heritage and cutting-edge winemaking techniques, set amongst the beautiful backdrop of the Rhone Valley. Discover the best of French viticulture and immerse yourself in an exquisite wine experience at Cellier des Princes.

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