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Champagne Lanson

About Champagne Lanson

Champagne Lanson is a prestigious wine house steeped in history, charm and tradition. Nestled in the heart of the Champagne region, it has sculpted the landscape and the sparkling wine industry since its inception in 1760.

Founded by François Delamotte, an influential magistrate in Reims, the Champagne house later passed down to his son, Nicolas-Louis in 1798. Honouring the family's pioneering spirit, he led the wine house to fame and glory by becoming one of the first houses ever to export its Champagnes out of France.

Fast-forwarding to 1837, the baton passed on to Jean-Baptiste Lanson, a close friend of the Delamotte family. Recognising Lanson's commitment and passion to the wine industry, the house was renamed Champagne Lanson. Under his leadership, Lanson amplified its international reputation and established an uncompromising quality standard for its wines.

Nowadays; Champagne Lanson is renowned for its exceptional "Black label" Brut, a perfect balance of power and elegance. It strives for excellence by ageing its wines longer than the Champagne appellation rules, thus heightening the flavours and ensuring each bottle provides a delightful and robust experience for champagne enthusiasts.

The vineyards belong to the most prestigious Crus of Champagne, spread over 125 hectares. Champagne Lanson jealously guards its unique wine-making method, transmitted from generation to generation. This heritage is composed of innumerable expertise and an exacting pursuit for quality, the incomparable legacy of François Delamotte and Jean-Baptiste Lanson.

Visitors to Champagne Lanson are invited to indulge in a variety of guided tours, tastings, and exclusive events. The wine cellars, which have been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, provide a unique vantage of the rich history and remarkable journey of Champagne Lanson.

With over 250 years of expertise and tradition in every bottle, Champagne Lanson is a testimony to endurance. It affirms, each time, its motto: "La Belle Champagne".

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