About Chandon

Nestled in the heart of Australia’s Yarra Valley, Chandon Winery is a sparkling oasis of viticultural enchantment. With roots originating from the world-renowned Maison Moët & Chandon in France, it brings a touch of European elegance to the Southern hemisphere.

Established in the 1980s, Chandon winery challenges the traditional perceptions of winemaking, daring to introduce contemporary flavours that stand bold and complex. Thanks to its unique microclimate, the winery produces an array of exquisite sparkling and non-sparkling wine varieties. From the vibrant notes of Pinot Noir to the aromatic richness of Chardonnay, each grape variety contributes to a rich tapestry of taste that delights the palate.

Sprawling over an opulent landscape, Chandon winery not only offers the chance to explore its lush vineyards, but invites you to discover its advanced winemaking facilities. Here; guests are guided through every step of the winemaking process, interrogating and unveiling the secrets behind each delicious glass.

The winery also boasts an on-site gourmet restaurant, where culinary arts and winemaking collide. Head chef Josh Pelham offers carefully curated menus for each season, designed to perfectly pair with Chandon's wine offerings. Dine amidst the enchanting backdrop of the vineyards and enjoy a modern-Australian dining experience that articulates the essence of the Yarra Valley.

Immerse oneself in the serene calm of Chandon winery and uncover a world of gastronomical and viticultural delight. Its grandeur and character, entwined with its Francophone heritage, undeniably make Chandon a stellar attraction you cannot afford to miss. Whether you’d like to indulge in hand-crafted wines, savour delectable cuisine, or simply marvel at the scenic beauty of the vineyard, Chandon winery offers an experience like no other.

However, Chandon is not merely a winery, it is a holistic sensory journey personifying the confluence of tradition and innovation, encapsulating the essence of a truly Australian winery with a dash of European flair.

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