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Charles Melton

About Charles Melton

Established in 1984, Charles Melton winery positioned itself as a pioneering force in the Barossa wine region of Australia. Nestled among the rolling green hills and expansive vineyards of the area, the winery has gained widespread recognition for its delectable wine offerings.

The principle driving Charles Melton's winemaking endeavour is a harmonious blend of traditional techniques coupled with innovative measures. The wines are famously known for their superior quality and rich taste. The estate specialises in the production of two old vine varietals; Shiraz and Grenache with outstanding expression each time.

Over the years, this vineyard has grown considerably, yet has retained its boutique charm. Part of its uniqueness lies in the cultivation of its grapes. Only hand-pruned vines are used and all their grapes are handpicked, enhancing the quality of the wines produced.

From their Rose of Virginia, a delicate pink rosé with a light body and crisp finish to the opulent Nine Popes, a blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro, there is something to delight every palate. The latter is highly acclaimed and is considered comparable to the finest wines of France's Rhone Valley.

The winery’s ethos reflects in its commitment to sustainability. Utilising an eco-friendly approach that ensures minimal interference in the vineyard. Their philosophy of winemaking centres on letting nature do most of the work, where they carefully nurture the vines to grow exquisite grapes, thereby reducing the need for various interventions during the actual processing of the wine.

Visitors to the winery are welcomed into the cellar door for a congenial wine tasting experience. Whether sampling the estate's vintages or exploring the idyllic surroundings, Charles Melton Winery provides an enriching journey for wine enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Charles Melton winery is a beacon of exceptional craftsmanship in the Barossa Valley, maintaining a successful juxtaposition of traditional and modern practices in winemaking while championing responsible sustainable practice in all aspects of its operation. If the embodiment of Australian winemaking excellence could be captured in a bottle, it would, no doubt, bear the label of Charles Melton Winery

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