Château Bonalgue

Château Bonalgue

About Château Bonalgue

Situated on the Right Bank of Bordeaux, Château Bonalgue is a proud representative of the Pomerol appellation. Known for enchanting wines that captivate the senses, their wines exhibit superior quality, a testament to the painstaking stewardship of the vineyard's passionate vignerons.

Shrouded in history, the property covers 3.3 hectares. The vineyard situated on optimal gravel-clay slopes confidently emanates terroir-centric complex wines that have garnered global acclaim. A humble yet resonant name in France's illustrious wine scene Château Bonalgue particularly thrives with the Merlot variety— an element that is often compared to the quintessence of Pomerol wines.

Planted almost entirely with Merlot vines (90%) nestled alongside a sparingly sowed Cabernet Franc (10%), the estate embraces nature’s rhythm and cycles. They strictly adhere to sustainable farming practices without compromising the health of the vines, soil or environment. Through precise monitoring and timely interventions, the estate ensures that each harvest produces an abundance of perfectly ripened grapes.

The winery is also a fine specimen of architectural brilliance, bearing the hallmarks of Bordeaux's signature French château style. The tradition of winemaking is sacred on this land, kept alive through generations whether it's tending to the neat rows of vine or mastering the art of the blend in their ancient cellars. Each year, the estate meticulously crafts an exclusive volume of approximately 18,000 bottles underscoring their commitment to retaining exclusivity and quality, over quantity.

The range of wines from Château Bonalgue, including their Grand Vin and the second wine, Château Bonalgue Pomerol, bear the unmistakable imprint of their terroir. Showcasing allure, depth and a unique sensibility, they undoubtedly embody the best of Bordeaux’s impressive offering,

Indeed, a profound testament to French winemaking, Château Bonalgue presents an indulgent taste of Pomerol extravagance and elegance.

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