Château de la Terrière

Château de la Terrière

About Château de la Terrière

Located in the heart of France's renowned Beaujolais region, the Château de la Terrière is a historical gem that coalesces tradition and modernity. This winery, standing in the prestigious Cru of Brouilly, exudes a charm and heritage unique to its origins. It's intimate design draws you in, whispering myriad tales of its storied past.

Tracing its inception back to the 16th century, it is one of the oldest estates in Beaujolais. The history is palpable as you wander through the lush vineyards, with the grand manor house – a remnant of its rousing past – capturing the essence of the region’s winemaking legacy. The Château de la Terrière boasts an eminent pedigree, which is well reflected in its wines, at once sophisticated and captivating.

The vineyards are cradled across a sprawling landscape and are nurtured organically - a testament to the Château's commitment to sustainable viticulture. The winemaking process itself straddles traditional methods and innovative practices, resulting in unique, vibrant varietals that have garnered acclaim from wine connoisseurs around the globe.

A visit to Château de la Terrière isn’t simply about indulging in their exquisite wine offerings; it's an immersive experience that acquaints visitors with the aura of old-world elegance. The estate hosts an array of events, from wine tasting sessions which are a sensory delight, to vineyard tours that provide an insight into their exceptional winemaking process.

The finesse and commitment to producing quality wines under the Château de la Terrière label, coupled with the estate's rich history, make it a cherished destination for wine lovers. Whether you're a seasoned oenophile or a casual wine enthusiast, a visit to Château de la Terrière will be full of discoveries; offering a taste of the vineyard's intriguing heritage and exceptional wines that have placed it on the global wine map,

Overall, Château de la Terrière stands as an exemplar of pure French artistry, where wines that capture the soul of Beaujolais are born. A visit here promises a rendezvous with elegant wines, captivating heritage and an idyllic landscape steeped in history, making it a must-visit winery in the beautiful Beaujolais region.

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