Chateau de Pierreux

Chateau de Pierreux

About Chateau de Pierreux

Chateau de Pierreux, nestled in the quaint Beaujolais region of France, is a breathtaking winery steeped in history and rustic charm. A picture-perfect vision of traditional French architecture, the Chateau is an unmissable sight, boasting lush vineyards as far as the eye can see.

Standing proudly for over a century, this majestic chateau is home to a winery renowned for crafting exquisite vinos. Its vineyards, blanketing more than 77 hectares are predominantly planted with Gamay, a classic grape variety of the region. Nurtured in these nutrient-rich soils, the fruit exhibits a delightful array of flavours, leading to wines that are undeniably elegant and brim with personality.

Every bottle of wine produced here is an homage to the region's rich viniculture. From the meticulously maintained vines to the careful selection of grapes, the team at Chateau de Pierreux spills their heart into every step of the winemaking process. What sets them apart is their commitment to sustainable practices and a profound respect for terroir.

The chateau itself is a sight to behold. A regal stone structure, it stands as a testament to the times gone by. The sprawling manicured gardens and the sun-dappled pathways lend an air of tranquillity that’s hard to put into words. It's almost as if time slows down here, allowing visitors to surrender to the sheer beauty of their environs

Offering guided tasting experiences, visitors can sample the vineyard's finest wines in their ambient cellar. The lingering taste of carefully crafted wines coupled with the knowledge imparted offers an enriching experience for connoisseurs and novices alike. The Chateau de Pierreux sets a high benchmark for sophistication and elegance., and it's no wonder wine lovers from all across the globe consider a visit here nothing short of a pilgrimage.

In summary, Chateau de Pierreux is more than just a winery. It is an encapsulation of the spirit of Beaujolais, reflecting the regions rich history, artistry, and commitment to wine-making.

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